St Martin and St Mary Church of England Primary School


The South Lakes cluster of primary schools(*) constantly review our safeguarding methods and procedures. Recently, we have been looking at the issue of attendance which falls into the category of safeguarding. Click here to ready the new guidelines.


Attendance at school is an area we are particularly passionate about. There is a strong link between a child's attendance and their achievement at school. At our school we promote good attendance to enable pupils to take full advantage of the educational opportunities we offer. Our Educational Welfare Officer monitors attendance regularly and works closely with families to support good attendance.

What to do if your child is absent from school?
Please phone on the first day of absence leaving your child’s name, class and reason for absence. If we have not heard from a parent by 9:30am as to why a child is absent from school, we will ring all of the contact numbers registered for that child until contact is made.

Medical Appointments
If possible please arrange appointments outside of school hours. If the appointments in school hours are unavoidable please advise the office beforehand. Please sign children in and out of school at the main office.

Leave of Absence during Term Time

As of September 2013 the government have tightened up on the law, and does not allow schools to authorise holidays during term time. Parents are requested not to take their children on holiday during term time and holidays taken during term time are classed as unauthorised. If you have exceptional circumstances where holiday must be taken during term time the details must be stated in a letter to the Head teacher.

Children and their Attendance
The children learn that attending school is important. Each Monday during the collective worship the attendance figures are shared with the children and the class with the best attendance ‘wins’ Attendance Ted for its class that week. Any class that has 100% attendance in a week receives an award. The children are reminded about attendance by the attendance boards displays throughout school.

Children who attend each term 100% of the time will be recognised in the end of term assemblies.