St Martin and St Mary Church of England Primary School

Year 5

Year 5 is led by Mrs Britton and Mrs Howarth and are supported by various teaching assistants helping with individuals, groups and planning time.

Summer Term

As usual, year 5 Summer Term is packed full of activities and learning. Our term started with looking at what a balanced diet means and how we can keep ourselves healthy. This helped with our planning of a healthy meal within a restricted budget ready for our Outdoor education visit to Tilberthwaite.  Ray Mears, watch out! What a fantastic time we all had cooking and orienteering! The children worked so well together and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

In Geography we have been looking at rivers across the world and the impact of rivers on people’s lives. One of the topical issues of pollution has been explored and made us think about what we can do to help our environment, both on a local scale and a global scale.Next half terms brings a Viking Invasion! We will look at the impact and influence the Vikings had on Anglo-Saxon Britain, including what has lasted up to the present day. Let’s not forget a rather impressive Viking boat builder paying us a visit!

The children will have opportunity to visit a secondary school in early July, to get a taste of life after primary school and hopefully help them to feel more comfortable about the transition. We recognise that not all children will be going to the same secondary school, but the children will all visit the Lakes School just to get a taste, as it is our local feeder school.

Apart from all the usual swimming galas; sports day and activities, we will also be taking part in two Robolab Workshops - a day for each class. This will allow the children to programme and work with robots and hopefully allow them chance to develop their computing skills. We are sure that they will enjoy the experience.

What a jam-packed term!

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